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Award-winning Bike Storage products SOLO, ENDO and HERO enable you to store your bike with style.

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  • $99.00
    37 Reviews

    Elegant and effortless cycle storage for home, office or retail display. Store your bike fast and fuss-free, horizontally or vertically. Secure 3-point concealed wall fixing. Rotates to suit different frame angles. Rubber contact points protect frame. Optional spacer included to accommodate wide bars. Convenient storage for accessories. Bike can be...

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  • $68.99
    8 Reviews

    Attractive, bike storage for home, office or retail display. Ideal for high density installations with little space. Secure, four-point fixing. (Fixings included) Protect your wheels and wall with wide rubber contact points. Includes front and rear wheel pads. Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bike lock. Discreet fold-flat facility - only...

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  • $69.00
    6 Reviews

    Smart, simple cycle storage for all bike styles Versatile - store bikes horizontally in left or right orientations. Facility to lock bike in place. Ideal for all bikes: children's, ladies', gents' and tandems. Perfect for home, office or retail display. Make efficient use of space with a tiered installation. Suitable for clipless or platform...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items