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Product Data Sheets

For installation instructions, setting out guidance and other useful product info please download your product data sheets below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products include fixings?

All products except Solo come with fixings included. All supplied fixings are suitable for installation into masonry but the supplied fixings are NOT suitable for plasterboard/drywall without using an appropriate wall plug/anchor. We do have fixing kits available for plasterboard walls, please refer to our listing for details. Alternatively suitable fixings can be obtained from a good hardware store.

Due to the nature of the loading with the Solo, you will need to select a fixing suitable for the type of wall you are installing the product on, whether that be solid brick/block, plasterboard/drywall or timber.

The product data sheets provide guidance on how to install your Cycloc product including advice on suitable fixing types suitable for each type of wall and drilling templates to help you with the installation process.

Do you provide guidance on the maximum load capacity of your products?

We have carried out loading tests on each of our wall mounted products for both solid masonry and plasterboard (drywall). The maximum recommended static loads in each case are provided in the data sheet for each product along with suitable fixing types for each type of wall.

Due to potential for variability in wall condition and installation quality we cannot guarantee this loading is possible for all situations. Load capability is also dependant on selection of fixings suitable for the wall you are fixing the product to.

If you are not confident installing your product we recommend you find a competent tradesperson to install your Cycloc product for you.

What pedal types work with Hero / Super Hero?

Hero is designed for use with platform pedals and Super Hero is suitable for most common clipless pedal types.

What product will work for my tyre widths / rim depths?

If your bike has fat tyres or deep wheel rims, then use the table below to select a Cycloc product that will work for you.

Product Tyre Width
Rim depth
Solo Any Any
Endo 60mm max 60mm max (with 25mm wide tyre)
Hero Any Any
Super Hero Any Any
Hobo Any Any

What product is right for me?

Solo, Hero and Super Hero are ideal if you have wall space but want to minimise how far your bike protrudes from the wall.

Solo also allows you the flexibility of hanging your bike vertically. Ideal if you do not have much wall length.

As the bike sits at an angle on Hero / Super Hero then you can win a bit of extra space by installing the unit higher up the wall. Perfect in areas like narrow hallways! You can even tier units to allow you to store one bike above another.

If you have minimal wall space but have some room depth to play with then Endo could be for you. Endo also allows you to create dense installations of multiple bikes.

The table below gives you an indication of how much space you’ll need for a typical adult bike:

Product Wall width Wall height Depth into room
Solo ~1.65m ~1.10m Width of handlebars
Endo Width of handlebars ~1.65m ~1.10m
Hero ~1.65m ~1.10m Varies with angle of bike
Super Hero ~1.65m ~1.10m Varies with angle of bike

For more examples of how to set out each product then please refer to the product data sheets and please give us a call if you’re still not sure.

Can I lock my bike to my Cycloc product?

Cycloc products aren’t intended as security products but we’ve incorporated a way to lock you bike to your wall mounted Cycloc product to deter oportunism and keep your bike a bit more secure in shared space.

Solo has holes through the unit to allow you to lock your bike to the unit with either a D lock or a cable lock.

Endo has a hollow hinge allowing a wheel or the frame to be locked to the unit with a combination of D lock and cable (exact solution will depend on length of cable lock).

The pedal support for Hero and Super Hero can be used to lock your frame to the unit with a D lock or cable lock.

Can I use Cycloc products outside?

Cycloc wall storage products were not designed for external use. Whilst they are manufactured from UV resistant Polypropylene, we would advise against installing them in situations where they will be exposed to strong direct sunlight and/or extreme cold!

So, to get the best out of your Cycloc product, our recommendation is that you install it inside your home / office / shop or at least in a place that is sheltered from direct sun or extreme cold eg garage, shed etc.


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